Marina Zumi (AR)

Marina Zumi is an Argentinian artist, best known for her recognizable depictions of geometry and symmetry in which she emphasizes equilibrium, interconnectivity and the power of colour. Zumi’s murals transform large scale walls in public spaces, where she begins her work just after twilight when the absence of light creates a magical, almost surreal world of ideas which she can draw from. Through her canvases, murals and light installations, Marina mimics the balance and freedom that comes forth after nightfall. There is a serenity in her surrender to darkness, to the world beyond daytime, to how colours transform when the sun sets. Recent works by the artist explore ideas of contrast between brightness and shadow through site specific light installations which reflect on the inner light which humans possess, and how this interacts with the endless void of the cosmos. Marina Zumi offers us a sneak peek from a quantum parallel world.


Facebook: @marinazumiart
Instagram: @marinazumi

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