Biancoshock (IT)

Biancoshock is an Italian public artist who began contributing to the scene in 2004. Through his own observations, the artist recognized that there was no set category which could properly assimilate his urban attitude and expressive modality, and thereby chose to define it as Ephemeralism. Biancoshock actively utilizes the city as a stage for his independent urban installations, which vastly differ in terms of technique, materials and subjects. These artistic actions unite through the intent of establishing a space for reflection for those who pass by his work, as he aims to emotionally disturb people’s day-to-day routines, sometimes ironically, other times provocatively. Biancoshock’s journey, which today exceeds over 1.000 works carried out in more than 27 countries around the world, outlines the dichotomy that characterises his art, his personality and, above all, his own name.


Facebook: @justbiancoshock

Instagram: @biancoshock

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