Jacoba Niepoort (DK)

Copenhagen-based muralist Jacoba Niepoort sees the street as her own personal playground. By utilizing the impact of her large scaled art works as a tool to address current social issues through a visual dissection of her own emotions, Neipoort seeks to emphasize her belief that connectedness facilitates empathy, and a better understanding of oneself and others. Jacoba uses her murals to address societal concerns and change, with the understanding that emotions which are most personal, are often universally felt by others. By creating a space in which viewers of her work can share and reflect upon these concepts and their own deep seeded inner-monologues, the artist aims to create a space in which one can discard feelings of disconnect, indifference and bias. Niepoort has been on this mission since 2016, crossing four continents in over 12 countries to leave over 40 murals around the globe.


Instagram: @jacoba_niepoort

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