Nuno Viegas (PT)

Muralist and painter, Nuno Viegas’ artistic roots are entrenched in the late 90’s graffiti scene, from where the Portugese artist continues to draw inspiration. Upon moving to the Netherlands Viegas work evolved, leading him to discover a new artistic identity. His newer artwork presents a distinct outlook, which puts forth an elevated, peaceful and clean representation of a uniquely straddled space between the worlds of muralism and graffiti. Approaching each mural and painting as a continuous tribute to the Graffiti Writers who dedicate their lives to keeping the scene alive, Nuno looks to represent the culture through his visually captivating work, in a time where the definition of graffiti tends to get blurred and mixed with street art. A symbiotic balance between his rougher graffiti roots and the pursuit of fulfilling his dream – to tag the moon, the works of Nuno Viegas continue to expand through walls and galleries across the globe.


Facebook: @nunopolicromia
Instagram: @nunovviegas

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