Vladimir Abikh (RU)

Hailing from Yekaterinburg, Russia, artist Vladimir Abikh acquired a well-rounded formal education in both contemporary art and film direction, taking part in multiple Biennales and international contests. His work is an intersection between a variety of mediums and styles. From staged interventions involving viewers in active engagement with his artwork, to site specific installations, video, street art and photography, Abikh as an artist is multi-faceted. Touching on and discussing deep rooted topics including urbanism, social injustice, our place as humans in the age of information, and the impact of the virtual on our own reality. Special attention is paid to the symbiosis of semantic content and methods of submission, and on working with text and language phenomena. Vladimir uses a sharply concise irony to analyze and reveal the inner mechanisms and functions of the social-cultural phenomena; in essence, why we do what we do as humans.


Facebook: @vladimirabikh
Instagram: @vladimir_abikh

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