Sandra Chevrier (CA)

Self-taught Canadian artist Sandra Chevrier creates contemporary pop-art in the urban scene. She is well known for her captivating portraits of women, often with a focus on their eyes; an obsessive and highly tuned skill which allows her to describe herself as “a gaze collector’’, and rightly so. Chevrier’s portraits are quite literally torn between the fantastical heroics and iconography of comic books, often portrayed as the masks on the women she paints, and commenting on vastly fluctuating emotional enigmas, our societies self-imposed expectations and a constant dance of duality. The dichotomy of the superhero and the mere mortal is what makes us whole in the end. The pairing of opposites is a persistent and powerful theme that runs through her work, fragility vs strength, triumph over defeat. Sandra’s painted figures emerge from a surreal world of their own, exploring the narrow identities humans use to understand themselves, their gender roles, and their own social limitations.


Instagram: @sandrachevrier

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