Pejac (ES)

Barcelona-based fine artist Pejac has a unique visual language while commenting on topics which touch most artists work today. There is a poetry and sensitivity woven into the fabric of his artwork, allowing him to explore and portray critical social and environmental concerns with an impact unlike any other, gaining him an army of fans and collectors around the globe who resonate with his work. In discussing the artwork of Pejac, it is key to understand how he is able to take a deep-rooted issue, and adapt it seamlessly and metaphorically to reflect current culture. Whether on paper, canvas or in public, he has tremendous ability to create work in order to pass on a clear and powerful message, with a strength gained from his knowledge of classic art and popular culture. There is an effortless elegance to his work; from site-specific interventions, miniature window drawings, to elaborate replicas of classical masterpieces, Pejac’s art is provocative and critical, retaining his own voice and distinctive style despite the variety of tools and mediums he explores.



Instagram: @pejac_art

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