Nuart “lockdown” Edition 2020 kicked off recently with the release of a digital version of the Nuart Journal (download it for free here) on the theme of “freedom” – a theme we’d established back in October 2019 that we could never have imagined would come to be one of the defining topics of our time. And certainly not from the privileged position most of us sit.


As we leant into the carnage of the Pandemic, we decided not to rush into a digital space that we were not quite sure about. Nuart have spent the best part of 15 years contesting the priviaization of public space and the public’s rights to the city, always with the public at the heart of our practice. It’s a right we need to be even more vigilant about safeguarding in the coming months and years as well as our personal privacy.


Tomorrow and over the coming week we’ll be releasing documentation of a series of works and projects that we’ve been working on in Public space. Wherever possible, we’ll continue to find new ways in bringing artists work to the city streets without recourse to cherry pickers, production teams or institutional resources. All of these actions are self funded by a self motivated and idealistic team of passionate artists and individuals with a shared belief in the power of work in public space.


We look forward to seeing what you think.

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