Nuart Aberdeen is an important annual survey of the current global Street and Mural Art scene, it has quickly become a flagship event on the UK cultural calendar. A year of logistical work, programming, administration, design, financing and developing collaborations with partners has brought us this far.


In our desire to see art become part of people’s everyday lives, for an arts event, we work with much broader than usual demographics  -from infants to children to youth to marginalised groups and the elderly -as well as dozens of local businesses of course. We consider Nuart as a large sprawling international family, and the last thing we want to do -is to put any of these, or the public at risk.


Due to this and other pending restrictions both at home and abroad, we feel that the timing is no longer right for the Festival weekend and public launch. With this in mind, we have agreed with our partners and the City of Aberdeen to postpone the Festival Weekend to a later date.


We will continue to monitor the situation closely, however, the health and wellbeing of all our participants, public and crew is our number one priority.


As an artist-run and publically minded organisation, we take this decision seriously and will work hard to make sure all of the hard work behind this event does not get lost or wasted.


A new date will be announced as soon as things become clearer, but for now we are committed to supporting our community and keeping them safe.


The fallout from these changes is having a deep impact on the creative world, it will be more important than ever to support the arts and local businesses in coming back from these setbacks.


We’d like to thank everyone involved for their unstinting support in bringing us this far and look forward to implementing everything we’ve developed at a later date.


More updates to come.  Stay safe !

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